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Chucks Auto Shop Inc. has been leading the way in bend Oregon regarding Hybrid and Electric vehicle repair since 2018. Our heavily trained and skilled techs have serviced nearly all hybrid components of today's high efficiency hybrid drive vehicles from the High voltage Batteries, Inverter, electric cooling pumps, motor generators and even the internal combustion engine.


Hybrid and Electric vehicle services

We have seen nearly all Hybrid components fail from computers, motor generator, High Voltage Batteries to electronic motor power steering racks.

Hybrid battery capacitance

Lets face it, Batteries fail allot.

Its best to catch the failure before it becomes too expensive to replace. through whats called stress testing we can determine whether your battery maintains its capacity. if capacity is on the low side we have the service needed to recover lost performance.

Insulation and Isolation fault testing

High voltage is dangerous.

A Hybrid battery can have up too 400 volts or more, if this were too short to the vehicles chassis it could result in dangerous if not lethal situations! we can find and repair these hazards with ease.


It may be Hybrid Drive but its still got an engine.

nearly all hybrids that we have repaired have required extensive work due to the lack of preemptive maintenance, please bring it to us before it fails as most of the failures could have been avoided if these hybrids were treated like the vehicles they are, complex machines with thousands of moving parts.